Rte 303 Flooding
By Member Joe Sassano
June 8, 2021

On Tuesday evening, June 8th, the Orangeburg area was impacted with severe weather. Our volunteers rescued several individuals trapped in flooding waters on Route 303, pumped out many basements of our neighbors where water was impacting their furnace or electrical systems, assisted a family whose foundation wall collapsed and several businesses that were experiencing flooding.
Neighbors helping neighbors- it is what makes our town great.
We would like to recognize our emergency services partners that helped during this time Orangetown Police Department South Orangetown Ambulance Corps Rockland Paramedic Services Blauvelt Volunteer Fire Company Inc. Piermont Fire Department Tappan Fire Department- Once again all of Orangetown working together during a time of need.

Units: 11-1, 11-2, 11-1750, 11-200, 11-Patrol
Mutual Aid: Orangetown Police Department, South Orangetown Ambulance Corps, Rockland Paramedic Services, Blauvelt Volunteer Fire Company Inc., Piermont Fire Department, Tappan Fire Department-